Blushing with beauty

Even when your skin is looking tired and pale, you can look blooming lovely by adding a touch of colour to your cheeks.

Blushers are an essential part of a beauty regime for those without a natural rosy glow. There are so many product types and colours to choose from and many different ways to apply them.

If makeup is like an artist’s pallet, then blusher is the sculpting tool. Whatever face shape you were born with, you can dramatically alter your look and refresh your appearance.

Slim definition:

if you have slightly chubby cheeks and would like a more contoured look, apply blusher in the hollows, just below your cheekbones. For accuracy, suck in your cheeks and brush in upward strokes in the hollows. Use an illuminating highlighter along the top of your cheekbones. This will create the illusion of fuller cheekbones and a slimmer face.

Rosy apples:

the apples of your cheeks are the fullest part. If you use a pale illuminating shade applied directly to your apples, it will instantly create a fresh looking glow.

Application tip:

do not get carried away with applying blusher. If applied elsewhere on your face it will look as though you are wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Stick to the apples or hollows. If you want to add colour in other parts, opt for a bronzer that can be swept all over your skin instead.

Hold a piece of blank white paper up to your makeup-free face. What colour jumps out? Most average, pale skin has yellow undertones which look best with warm blushers such as peach or brown. If you can identify red undertones, opt for cool pinks. Red tones usually suit silver jewellery, while yellow suit gold.

Product choices


the ideal choice, for most. Powders can either be loose, compact or in ball form. They are easy to apply and will not overly disturb your foundation base. Once applied over your base, powder blushers are long lasting and easy to add to for an evening look.

Cream and compact stick:

these must be applied over liquid foundation but before you set your foundation with a powder. You can obtain a fresh, youthful finish with a cream or stick blusher and are a good choice on warm summery days as they are more likely to stay put.


these are an acquired skill. Fluids, sometimes described as cheek stains, can be difficult to blend to a natural finish. Lots of blending may disturb your base so they are best used in small areas, like your apples. These are great for adding a healthy glow to your face well-protected face on holiday.

Picture caption: The colour of blusher you choose can have a dramatic effect – good or bad.