DIY and Home Improvement – Britain’s greatest minds are most inspired in the bathroom

We all want a home that speaks to us, makes us feel comfortable and goes at least some way towards improving our lives. But have you ever considered the importance of investing in your home to further your career prospects?

Well, OK, home workers probably have, many times over- with hours dedicated to musing over where to put that desk, what type of lamp would add the right ambience to the office space, and which are the best pictures to hang on those walls. But what about the rest of us? Is the home merely somewhere to head back to after a long, hard day spent toiling for the man (or woman), or can it really boost our professional successes?

According to a survey by the answer to the latter is a resounding ‘yes’. The biggest thinkers in the UK will spend more than a year of their lives in the bathroom, and this particular corner of the home is where the best ideas are conceived. In fact, 40% of respondents claimed they had experienced eureka moments in the bath or shower, or whilst on the toilet. In comparison, only 12% have come up with a great plan at work.

Aside from convincing bosses to make their offices more like bathrooms, we can all take something from these numbers. By moving away from the concept of a utility space, and creating somewhere truly comfortable, welcoming, and desirable, there’s more chance we will use our bathrooms for extended periods of times, potentially increasing the likelihood that we will come up with a staggeringly inventive and innovative idea. And, even if you don’t strike gold in terms of great concepts when enjoying a little ‘You Time’, investing in a bathroom is never money misspent.

The average Brit will spend around 22-minutes per day in the lavatory, with or without equating to some 450 days during the average lifetime. With such a propertion of our years dedicated to this room, it makes sense to splash some cash and ensure you have an inviting, modern space to enjoy whilst making yourself beautiful or freshening up for the day ahead. And remember, every corner of your home is an extension of your personality, meaning that, within reason, you should feel confident enough to stamp a little bit of yourself on this often unsung but universally essential corner of the house or apartment