DIY and Home Improvement – How much is your bathroom really worth?

The vast majority of Britons are house proud, to some extent at least. Most of us want to live somewhere clean, inviting, comfortable and functional. But what’s the real value of a beautiful home in terms of our lives?

It’s relatively easy to place a monetary figure on things. After all, we pay an agreed sum for the bricks and mortar, and then follow suit with the internal rooms. An average bathroom, for example, comes in at around £4,500, with the world’s most expensive- according to Guinness’ annually updated book of records, coming in at a rather more tear-inducing £2.5million.

This view feels a little shortsighted and, dare it be said, materialistic, though. In fact, putting a value on any room in the home needs less tangible calculations. As already stated, the ideal is to have a home that’s comfortable, inviting, functional and clean- and therefore also easy to clean. As such, in many ways, it’s impossible to put a price tag on these notions. Many of us would find it difficult to explain how such criteria can be met without sketching out plans and drawings, and so we’re bound to find it even more of a challenge to say what this is worth to our quality of life.

Fundamentally speaking, then, your bathroom, or any room in the home for that matter, is worth the sum total of what you put into it. That includes both cash, and love. We dress them with personal assets that make us feel as though the place is ours, which supplement the great design and innovative functionality we buy outright from the specialist firm responsible for selling fixtures and fittings. And for very good reason too. Without a combination of personality and financial investment, a house cannot become a home, it remains merely a place we go back to after a hard day’s work.

Applying that personality isn’t always a case of going for statement pieces that cost the Earth, either. In fact, anyone looking for a new bathroom, to continue focusing on the same corner of our abodes, would be much better off to look for neutral colour schemes and universally attractive units, rather than anything too wild and flamboyant. With this basic base coat we can add the personal touches that make it our own, often simply with soft furnishings and our choice of products, thus ensuring we have something easy to sell on once the time is right.