DIY & Home Improvement: 4 ways to cheap(er) DIY success

We all like making improvements to our home, adding handy new additions to old rooms and re-imagining spaces to suit new tastes. The only problem is, few of us can afford this kind of thing as regularly as we’d like.

Or maybe we can. Contrary to popular belief, doing up your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, or cause you huge inconvenience- depending on the nature of the job, that is. By being smart, careful and considered, there are plenty of ways we can make a huge impact on the house without having the same on our bank balance. Here are our top five tips to achieving that successfully.

What’s the job? 

Whilst it’s true there are many tasks for which you’re going to need some hired help, there are numerous instances where this simple isn’t the case. From painting to draught excluding to unblocking drains, always start by figuring out if you can do it yourself, and if you can then why not go and do it?

Don’t blame the tools 

It might seem sensible to look into buying old equipment and tools, but due to the heavy wear and tear factors involved in some DIY this can be a foolish decision. Old kit just won’t stand up to the same punishment as new, meaning often times it will actually work out cheaper in the long run to fork out for new gadgets.

Shop around 

Just because you’re buying new doesn’t mean you have to buy blindly. It’s easier that you might think to get a decent deal on good quality tools, materials and other kit, so spend some time looking around online once you know what you need, ensuring you have the best price around when it’s finally time to hit ‘Buy Now’.

Use recommendations 

If you really aren’t able to put the DIY into home improvements, and really do need to call on the professionals, then don’t simply start Googling handymen in your area. Ask around friends, family, and neighbours for recommendations on local trades and handymen (and women) in your area.