DIY & Home Improvement- 5 ways to make an old kitchen new again

It’s one of the questions the experts get asked most- how do you spruce up a tired corner of the home, and breath fresh life into it, without forking out for a completely new room?

Focus that down on the kitchen and chances are most people start to feel even more baffled. As one of the rooms in the home we spend the most time in, and most money on, the classic image of a beautiful kitchen is impossible to remove from visions of brand new fitted cupboards, luxury ovens and top of the range white goods- a world away from words like ‘budget’, ‘quick’ or ‘cheap’.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Whilst we’d never recommend trying to resurrect anything that’s clearly way beyond its sell-by date, there are a few comparatively low cost, low-effort ways to give your kitchen the aesthetic spring clean it has been crying out for. Here are just a few.

  1. New cabinet and cupboard fronts Providing you spent decent money on a worktop (one of the most important things in the kitchen to spend money on), the first things to start showing wear and tear will be the cupboard fronts. Replacing these with new doors, or even just new handles, is a surefire way to make the whole room feel fresh again.
  2. New cabinets De-cluttering is a great way to improve the look of any space, and the kitchen is certainly no exception to that rule. By adding a few more cabinets you can maximise off-counter storage, thus making things appear far neater and, arguably, more contemporary.
  3. Install pull-out cabinet shelves The modern world is short of space, so nothing says modern kitchen like one that offers intelligent storage. Installing pull-out shelves in low level cabinets achieves exactly that, providing easy access to items like pans, baking trays and roasting dishes.
  4. Add under-cabinet lighting This might worry some people, but retrofit under-cabinet lights can be simple to instal yourself, and add a wonderful touch to a kitchen- flooding the work surface below with white light. The impact is practical, given it improves visibility for chopping and reading, but also really nice to look at.
  5. Plate rack These can be added to the underside of high level cupboards, freeing up vital space elsewhere and turning your plates into something of a feature. Perhaps only really suited to homes that have interesting, or at least attractive crockery, nevertheless this is a relatively quick job, with a lot to offer.