DIY & Home Improvement – Sprucing up without breaking the bank (or back)

We all felt it. After months of wondering whether or not summer would ever resurface, the first signs of the changing seasons presented themselves.

Genuine heat when you feel the sun on your face. Bitterly cold wind and rainstorms receding. Flower beds bursting into life. Spring is very much here then, bringing about the desire to get outside, get active, see people, do things, and, err, perhaps less pleasurably, clean everything.

On top of scrubbing down, this is also a popular time of year for sprucing up the home, replacing the tired with the new- in keeping with the whole idea of spring breathing new life into the world. Two of the most effective rooms to tackle are the kitchen and bathroom, thanks to fickle styles and what we use them for this pair have a habit of tiring faster than most, and as such paying them attention, on a regular basis, is essential in order to maintain standards throughout the home.

Little touches

The obvious choice is to buy a full new bathroom suite or kitchen, but this is obviously impractical on a regular basis, not to mention unaffordable for most. What this means is that you need to get creative.

We recommend replacing small fixtures as a great way to switch things up. You could buy new bathroom taps, replace old kitchen cupboard handles, or even change the doors on drawers and cabinets completely.

Storage wars 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a tidy bathroom or kitchen in order to achieve the best look. Not only do modern styles dictate clean living, or at least the appearance of, any room is much easier to keep in check when you can put stuff away.

For bathrooms, if you’re not willing or able to give up any more wall space for extra cupboards, why not supplement what you have already with a floor standing wicker basket or shelves- ideal for towels and soft items. In the kitchen, meanwhile, providing you have enough floor space installing a central butcher’s block table is a great way to increase workspace, leaving the original kitchen tops free for other things.


Obvious enough for you to skip over without realising, a fresh lick of paint, or even brand new colour scheme, is a refurbishment (almost) anyone can do themselves, and arguably has the highest impact on the room- potentially changing the light hues completely, and bringing our other assets to the fore that may have been less prominent previously.

Under your feet

A lot less convenient than our other ideas, nevertheless replacing the floor of your kitchen or bathroom works wonders in terms of updating and refreshing the room overall. If you have vinyl flooring then it’s a simple case of choosing a replacement, cutting to fit and sticking down. Other materials, like tiles, will be more costly and demand more time, and in the case of hardwood floors you might want to give this one a wide berth.