DIY & Home Improvement- Take the personality test: Kitchen or bathroom, which are you?

Don’t believe we can compare you to a room? Allow us to prove you wrong.

1.How often do you eat out? 

A) Once a week or more

B)Once every fortnight to once a week

C)Once a month to once every fortnight

D) Rarely

2. Which of these best reflects your ideal evening?

A) Cooking some good food, then heading out to a pub or bar and seeing what happens

B) Cooking some good food, then listening to music with friends and drinks

C) Cooking some good food, then relaxing quietly

D) Cooking some good food, bath then bed

3. How many times per week do you cook at home? 

A) Every night we eat at home

B) Once or twice

C) Hardly ever

D) What’s cooking?

4.Which of the following would you agree with? 

A) A party isn’t a party unless there are people present you don’t know already.

B) A party isn’t a party unless it goes on for at least 12 hours.

C) A party isn’t a party unless there’s some decent food provided.

D) I’m really not that much of a party person.

5.When you exercise… 

A) It must be a day when you weren’t drinking the night before

B) The rest of the day is more energised than usual, which is important these days

C) You want to beat your current personal best

D) It’s all about working up a massive sweat

6. Your favourite TV chefs are… 

A) Whoever is on

B) Hugh, Heston, Jamie… the usual suspects

C) I don’t tend to watch much TV

D) Whoever is on

7. What are the most important items in a kitchen? 

A) Hobs, and pan, oil

B) Good oven with gas hobs, selection of pans

C) Microwave, bowls, plates

D) Mobile internet to phone the takeaway

8. What are the most important items in a bathroom? 

A) Shower, basin, toilet

B) Toilet, shower, basin

C) Bath, basin, toilet

D) Toilet, basin, bath

So how does this work? 

Mainly As – You’re definitely a kitchen; entertaining and socialising are high priorities but you also eat sensibly, and take pleasure in cooking.  

Mainly Bs – Another kitchen, although you’re more homely than the average A, with the focus being on hearty meals with friends and family, although occasionally a wilder side returns.

Mainly Cs – Bathroom; you prefer to take life at a slower pace than your kitchen counterparts, you also have high standards in terms of what you like in life, regularly thinking of pampering over practicalities.

Mainly Ds – Creature comforts are definitely your thing, and you can be prone to finding someone else to do things for you, you also like a good long soak, and regularly have PJ days; in short, a bathroom through and through.