Eye-catching beauty

Choosing glasses can be far from easy. They either make your face look too round, too angular, too geeky or sometimes just downright silly. Some styles of glasses can even compromise your sense of individuality by imposing their own character on your face. For example, cumbersome Ugly Betty-style frames can limit your make-up choices, cramp your features and quickly become dated.

Faces are very individual and there is a choice of eyewear to suit everyone. The aim is for the specs to become an integral part of the face without drastically changing it.

So how do you pick the perfect pair of glasses for your face? Don’t worry: Pauline Voce, style consultant for glasses firm Silhouette, is here to help. According to Voce you can’t go wrong if you follow these three rules for getting the perfect glasses.

1. Forget fashion, focus on yourself

Voce believes many people wear the wrong frames for their face as they are influenced by fashion rather than their personal features. “Your glasses are beyond fashion – they are a part of you,” she says. “It’s fun to have loads of styles to fit in with fashion, but not everyone can afford to replace their glasses with every passing trend. We all need a classic pair that suits every trend simply because they are designed to suit you.”

2. Analyse your face shape

Take a fresh look at your face. Its shape will map out which frames will best suit you. Round faces are generally associated with wide foreheads and round chins. Angular frames are therefore the best option as they add a flattering contrast. Deep glasses can make a round face appear short, so choosing frames that are as deep as they are wide is an impressive remedy for this.
Square faces have broad foreheads, wider jaw lines and angular chins. Curved frames will soften the structure of square faces, so choose round or oval frames. Steer clear of harsh lines, as these will accentuate square lines.
Heart-shaped faces typically have broad foreheads with angular chins so you should look at both angular and rounded frames to see which complements your face best. The main rule is to avoid styles that are wider at the top than at the bottom, as these can make you look top heavy.

Oblong face shapes suit wide frames as they add structure and detract the eye from vertical length. Steer clear of narrow and round styles, as these will exaggerate the length of your face. Oval faces are considered the most fortunate, as they can carry off most styles, which is lucky but it makes it very hard to choose.

3. Express yourself with a flash of colour

Frame your eyes perfectly without detracting from their beauty with subtle hints of colour across the bridge and on the arm of the glasses. 

But that’s not all. According to Voce, eyewear should not dominate the face; it should harmoniously complement it. This is because a face gives an asymmetric impression when the pupils are not in the middle of the lenses. For this reason, depending on your face type, you should ensure that your pupils are centred in the lenses.
Above all, have fun experimenting with what suits you and enjoy the way your new glasses add to your own unique personal style.

Picture caption: Glasses should reflect the wearer’s personality.