TRAVEL- If travellers were animals: Women

Earth, 2000-and-something. Deep in the urban jungle, the female human desperately tries to put up with all the trials and tribulations of a modern life that no longer feels fit for purpose. Stereotype-led expectations, idiotic men, traffic, commutes, overpriced but essential products and a job that needs to pay better.

It’s not all bad news for her, of course. Despite the patriarchy that still dominates a civilization intent on taking two steps forward and one step back, she remains the dominant gender. Or at least this is true when it comes to travel, travel decisions, and travel spending power. And why wouldn’t she, considering women have long since been prone to more calculated decisions than their gung-ho male counterparts.

According to the Harvard Business Review, female travellers now account for some $15trillion in spending power worldwide, which is double China and India’s growth markets combined. An impressive figure that only serves to prove that she is not only majestic, but wise and shrewd, according to more numbers from Forbes, women also make around 80% of all travel decisions in a relationship.

Females also have a far greater interest in cultural, adventurous and nature-focussed trips- 75% of these journeys are made by women, with the 230% increase in female-only travel companies over the last six years alone a clear sign of how seriously the industry is taking this sector. The male, it seems, is flagging far behind in the exploration stakes, a huge mistake by anyone’s standards given the world is rapidly opening up to itself, with the last remaining wildernesses under threat of development, and the idea of truly getting off the beaten path vanishing faster than you can say ‘get out there and do it.’

Traditionally viewed as homemakers, whilst this may no longer be true, Travel Weekly conducted a study that showed women are frequently more prone to being swayed by their relationships than men in terms of travel- trips to see friends and family will play a part in travel plans for 64% of females, compared with just 57% of men. Meanwhile, retail therapy is also a bigger pull for ladies, with 45% looking for ‘locally made’ goods when they are abroad, compared with 36% of men. But then it’s also easy to assume these are all rules with no exceptions, and yet nothing could be further from the truth- women are independent, free spirited and every individual is as unique as the rest, something that makes them the most graceful creatures on the planet, no matter where they tread.