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We all age and there is no getting around that… or is there?

We all age and there is no getting around that… or is there?

It is a fact that we age because our bodies start to produce more free radicals and less of the enzymes – and anti-oxidants – that clean them up. The result is oxidative stress.

While one antioxidant molecule can fight only one or two free radicals before it is depleted, the body’s free radical-fighting enzymes can each eliminate up to 1 million molecules per second, every second.

The most effective way to fight free radicals and the oxidative stress they cause is to trigger the body to produce its own free radical-fighting enzymes.

Protandim is scientifically proven to activate the body’s natural enzymes that substantially reduce free radicals.

How Protandim works

Our bodies already contain the information how to effectively combat stressful situations, such as oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. That information is stored in our genes. The secret lies in being able to instruct cells regarding the implementation of that information.

Protandim achieves this by activating a signaling molecule called Nrf2, the master regulator of the body’s aging process. Nrf2 can switch on protective genes and switch off genes that may have a negative effect on health.

When this protein messenger, Nrf2, is activated, it enters the nucleus of every cell and turns on hundreds of the body’s survival genes. These genes enable cells to survive in the face of several different kinds of stress, especially oxidative stress. Nrf2 also affects hundreds of other genes, pro-inflammatory and pro-fibrotic genes, by turning them down.

Therefore Protandim, a high level regulator of the aging process and an Nrf2 synergizer, activates survival genes, including antioxidant genes that keep us safe from free radicals and oxidants. It also turns down genes that perpetuate inflammation and genes that encourage slow, progressive fibrosis to take place. Together these actions provide a remarkable promise of protection from many kinds of age-related health conditions.

There are hundreds of testimonials on social media sites talking about the personal benefits people have found with the product. (e.g. see ‘My Life Vantage Story’ on Facebook. It has earned the nickname ‘little yellow pill’ and is being discussed across the globe.

Oxidative stress is often the catalyst for many health issues from general aches and pains to more degenerative and life threatening diseases. It is also responsible for general ageing and wear and tear of our basic cell structure.

Reducing oxidative stress can therefore have a huge impact on quality of life – which is why so many people believe in the benefits of Protandim.



Protandim is available in two formats. NRF2 synthesizer and also NRF1 synthesizer.

Both have their particular qualities and are generally better taken together although many people just take NRF2.

If you are only going to take one of the products then the NRF2 should be taken first, with NRF 1 added at a later date if required. It is not recommended to take NRF1 on its own.

The difference between them is:

• Reduce oxidative stress
• Combat the effects of aging caused by oxidative stress
• Activate Nrf2 protein to turn on natural antioxidant production
• Repair and rejuvenate damaged cells
• Protect cells from free radical damage

• Increase cellular energy (ATP)
• Improve performance through energy production
• Enhance cellular health—cells function at their peak performance
• Improve sleep quality and promotes cellular repair
• Boost mitochondria production and their ability to network
• Slows cellular aging by supporting chromosome integrity

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