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So you’ve found the dream yacht. Now what?

So you’ve found the dream yacht. Now what?

If you have decided to make the ultimate holiday-home purchase, your own yacht, then making the payment via a company such as Currencies Direct can mean a big saving in fees.

Picture the scene. It’s just you, the person you love the most in the world, and miles upon miles of open water. Warm seas lap against the side of your boat as you meander from one stunning coastline to the next. Perhaps it’s a chain of idyllic islands floating in a picture-perfect tidal lagoon. Maybe it’s a journey that will see you cross from continent to continent, exploring exotic locales at your own pace.


Either way, it’s guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime. Until, of course, the next time you cast anchor and head out on another adventure.


Whilst anyone who has been to the likes of Monaco will know that some particularly privileged people spend a huge amount of money on yachts – or rather superyachts – a seaworthy vessel is no longer just the preserve of the rich and (often) infamous. Indeed, with rising wages and an ever more competitive market, we’ve seen more and more people who don’t have the luxury of a few million in the bank deciding to invest in yachts, and for good reason.


First, the price of a holiday will be significantly reduced if you factor in what a yacht can offer you. There will be no more accommodation costs – often the biggest expense of any trip abroad. Meanwhile, the world will be far more open to you if you don’t have to stick to the well-trodden tourist trails. This means that everything from your supermarket shop to that fresh seafood restaurant nestled on a secluded cove will be notably cheaper, because you’ll have the option to go to where the real locals go.


Not that anyone buys a yacht for the money-saving element. That said, though, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to save money when it comes to the purchase of your boat; let’s face it, everyone likes a good deal, and nobody likes to pay over the odds. With many yachts manufactured overseas, whether that’s in Italy or France, one of the most common ways for people to get stung is at the payment stage, with foreign exchange rates and international transfers notoriously complicated, especially if this is the first time you’ve needed to make such a transaction.


Whilst high street banks may seem like the most obvious port of call, in fact many people find themselves on the wrong end of everything, from one-off fees to changing exchange rates. Amazingly, the result can mean spending thousands extra, in addition to the cost of the actual yacht. With that in mind, it can pay dividends to shop around and find the best money transfer service for your needs. Not only do businesses such as Currencies Direct usually offer a far more competitive rate, they don’t charge transfer or receiving fees, meaning a far cheaper deal when you need it the most.

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