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What your clothes say about you

What your clothes say about you

Our clothes tell people a lot about the type of person we are, and our outfits often place us in a distinct category. Do you recognise any of these style types?

Nobody wants to be judgmental. Nevertheless, it’s impossible not to make a few assumptions when it comes to what people are wearing.


From trendies to hippies, mods to rockers, timeless gentlemen to classic ladies, it’s safe to say we all have a style, and as such our clothes speak volumes about the types of people we are, and the sort of folk we would like to be seen as. Fascinated by the relationship between personality and attire, we’ve listed a few stereotypes below, along with what they would be wearing, so take a look and see if you can spot yourself amongst the crowd.


The casual

Once directly associated with football hooligans, it’s safe to say Casual has come a long way since the late 1980s and early 90s. Brand such as Fred Perry, Burberry and Lacoste have made huge steps towards reinventing themselves for the new millennium, although the look and feel of their lines haven’t changed much since the houses first began producing fashion items for men.


The free spirit

Hoodies made from hemp, thick-knitted multi-coloured jumpers, flowing trousers and more are all signs that you want to be seen as someone who thinks outside the box – although there’s as much likelihood that you’ve spent the last 12 months treading the same worn path around Thailand and India as countless other travellers. Criticisms aside, hippy chic can be just as chic as anything else these days, meaning that this look is no longer indicative of self-righteous people with a chip on their shoulder about how straight everyone else is.


The classicist

Thanks to the prominence of shows like Mad Men and Masters of Sex, classic 20th century togs are truly back in fashion. For girls, that’s long dresses, pencil skirts and cute blouses; for men, who arguably get the most from this particular trend, it’s a case of well-fitted (and ideally individually tailored) suits, tie clips and shiny cufflinks, combined with a trilby or bowler hat if you’re looking to recreate the London look of the same period.


The mods

Perhaps the most British of all styles, Mods are all about clean lines, close-fitted wear and an attitude that’s as sharp as a pin. Ladies will be appearing in dresses, knee-high boots and pristine leather; for guys we’re talking polos buttoned up to the neckline, checked jackets and slim-fit trousers – with both approaching hair with a no-nonsense attitude, creating angular, short, cropped aesthetics.

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