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Top 10 global cruising destinations

Top 10 global cruising destinations

From Alaska to the South Pacific, there are many regions to enjoy from the comfort of a cruise liner – not forgetting The World Cruise.

Few things compare with the joy of taking to the open seas and discovering far-off lands – whether that’s tiny tropical islands or sprawling global cities. The definition of indulgent exploration, take a look at our Top 10 Cruise Destinations for 2014, imagine yourself absorbing the cultures, flavours and calm that come with a holiday spent floating around such locales, and then get ready to go.


10. North Atlantic Ocean

From the Transatlantic rite of passage, to lush landscapes such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Florida Keys and northern tip of the Caribbean, the North Atlantic offers a multitude of delights. And we haven’t even mentioned the Canaries yet.


9. Southern US States and Mexico

The sticky heat of Louisiana’s swamplands and New Orleans itself, Florida’s theme parks and chic nightlife, and the Yucatan peninsula’s abundant ruined temples (relics of the Mayan civilization) are all within reach whilst touring this neck of the woods.


8. Southern Africa

Here’s where magical words such as Mauritius, the Seychelles and Madagascar start coming into play. That’s in addition to the obvious allure of South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique on the mainland, offering a great mixture of landscapes.


7. South East Asia

From Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, from sprawling futuristic skylines of glass and steel to ancient cultures and isolated beaches, this is one of the world’s most unforgettable regions.


6. Alaska

It’s cold, barren and thoroughly inhospitable. Needless to say, then, you don’t come here for the weather. As one of the last surviving wildernesses on Earth, Alaska has been attracting cruises for decades because of its unparalleled, unspoilt icy vistas.


5. Mediterranean

What the Middle Sea lacks in tropical climate, it makes up for with searing summer temperatures and a colossal amount of history, along with relatively short distances between ports making for fewer days at sea. One for the culture buffs.


4. China, Japan and South Korea

A river cruise is unarguably one of the best ways to navigate China’s interior. Meanwhile by taking to the seas from Shanghai in the country’s east, the jaw-dropping beauty of Japan’s islands and South Korea are also yours for the taking.


3. Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific

The downside here is that the Pacific Ocean is huge, so be prepared for a few days at sea in any itinerary. Nevertheless, from Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington, to natural gems like the Great Barrier Reef and Samoa, it’s worth it.


2. Caribbean

Whether it’s Barbados, St. Lucia, Curacao, Cuba, BVI or Antigua – to name but a few – it’s hard to deny that a Caribbean cruise is the archetypal luxury voyage, with tropical paradises lining up for you almost every day, thanks to the proximity of each island to its neighbour.


1. Scandinavia and the Fjords

Nestled at the top of Europe, this stunning region may not shout quite as loud as its rivals, but there are very good reasons why shipmates return here year after year after year: serene landscape, clean air and the legendary Scandinavian hospitality.


And don’t forget… The World

OK, so this might be cheating, but we don’t care. The finest way to see every region of the planet is to embark on a mammoth cruise that will take in a little piece of them all. Once in a lifetime stuff; we shouldn’t need to explain how incredible an experience this is.

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