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LONG HAUL TRAVEL- Why now is the best time to book a holiday

LONG HAUL TRAVEL- Why now is the best time to book a holiday

Let’s face it, when the weather outside is this miserable you can’t help but feel inclined to dream of sunnier climes. But did you know that it makes more sense to actually book now, too?

Each morning you wake up, not exactly ready to start a new day, but under no illusions as to the fact that you do indeed need to start that new day. Through the gap between those bedroom curtains, you can tell it’s still dark outside, with the condensation on the window pane making it clear that you can add freezing to that list too.


After breakfast, the slate grey of what today’s sky is going to be like once the sun has finally come up starts to make an appearance. You leave the house, hand trembling with cold, breath visible in the air, and, no matter how you’re going to get to work- bus, tram, tube, train or car- it’s too far between the warmth of your home and the warmth of your method of commuting to stand still for long.


It’s hardly a pleasant situation, and, sadly, it’s one of the few universal experiences we all have to go through, every working day of our lives in the immediate post-Christmas period. With this in mind you might say this is the best time of year to start planning a holiday for you and those you love, giving everyone something special to look forward to, an something to focus on whilst surviving the winter.


Right now there are stacks of travel deals up for grabs, and for good reason. January isn’t the most flush month on the calendar- people are mostly skint, and sales are usually at an annual low. It’s in the best interests of travel agents to offer out their finest discounts and savings, and it’s in your best interests, when possible, to bite the bullet and splash out now- even though this goes against every financial instinct in your body.


Push through that false logic (to try and replenish the cash reserves), though, and you’ll soon realise the merits. Imagine seven nights B&B with flights to Goa for under £370, or a week all inclusive on Corfu for less than £200. During the beginning of each year you don’t just get the best rates for European summer holidays, but also great last minute long haul options that take advantage of global regions that are in full sunny bloom right now, the likes of which are particularly hard to resist if you’re a fan of tropical regions- the Caribbean, South East Asia, and Oceania to name but three. Put simply, then, the time to act is now to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck, so ignore this advice at your peril.

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