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LONG HAUL TRAVEL: How well do you know Brazil?

LONG HAUL TRAVEL: How well do you know Brazil?

As Rio preps itself for the biggest sporting event on Earth, we’ve come up with a quickfire Q&A on Brazil to test your knowledge.

With the 2016 Olympics descending on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s most famous city, we thought it fitting to test you on a few random facts and stats relating to the South American nation. Without further ado then.
Q. Where is the world’s best beach (supposedly)?
A. Baia do Sancho, Brazil, in the archipelago of islands called Fernando de Noronha, around 1hr flight from Natal- a favourite spot with divers and snorkelers, and marine biologists.
A. What is the population of Brazil? 
Q. 201million
Q. What rank is Brazil in the league of most populated countries on Earth? 
A. 5th
Q. Brazil’s national motto is ‘Ordem e Progresso’, but what does that mean in English? 
A. ‘Order & Progress’
Q. Rio de Janeiro was Brazil’s capital city for how many years? 
A. 197
Q. What is the capital of Brazil now? 
A. Brasilia
Q. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of what bean?  
A. Coffee
Q. True or false- Sao Paulo has the largest economy by GDP of any city in the Southern Hemisphere? 
A. True
Q. The only country in the world with more airports than Brazil is? 
A. The U.S.
Q. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites does Brazil have? 
A. 19
Q. How many people attend Rio de Janeiro carnival on an average day during the event? 
A. 2million
Q. Which team beat Brazil 7-1 in the semi-final of 2014’s FIFA World Cup? 
A. Brazil
Q. What percentage of South America is taken up by Brazil? 
A. 47.3%
Q. Which of these is free under Brazil’s healthcare system- sex change operations or indoor tanning? 
A. Sex change operations, as of 2008. Indoor tanning is actually illegal, as of 2003.
Q. Only one national football team in the world has never lost to Brazil in a football match. Which is it? 
A. Norway; 2 wins and 2 draws
Q. In Laguna, what job do bottlenose dolphins help local men with? 
A. Fishing; the dolphins herd the fish before signalling for the fishermen to cast their nets.
Q. Why is Brazil’s Snake Island called Snake Island? 
A. With between 1 and five venemous snakes per square metre, on average, Snake Island is officially recognised as being infested, and is under government quarantine.
Q. True or false- Brazil has the longest stretch of continuous coastline in the world? 
A. True- 4,655miles worth.
Q. What percentage of Brazil’s population is Catholic? 
A. Approximately 73%, the highest concentration of any country in the world.
Q. What is Brazil’s national drink? 
A. Caipirinha
Image credit: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (C) Justin Vidamo via Creative Commons
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